Rules & Regulations

Please read this section very carefully. If you do not abide by these rules and regulations, you could result in disqualification or time penalty at any time during the race. Any such penalties or disqualification are at Golden 100 Organizing Committee’s discretion and are final.


  1. Racers should:
    • understand the unique nature and what it needs to compete in an ultra-long distance trail running race. The race course is very tough and demanding.  Some sections are quite remote and could result in slower emergency response times.
    • ensure good health and physical fitness to handle such race 
    • be able to deal with rough times on their own 
    • be able to finish the course solely at their own effort
  2. Racers will get refreshments at the checkpoints.  They are expected to carry with them the mandatory gear at their own effort.  
  3. Racers must be at least 18 years old on race day (24 December 2020) 
  4. Racers must stay on the marked race course at all the times. Shortcut is strictly prohibited.
  5. Racers must complete the entire course at their own effort. Racers may run, walk or crawl to pass through checkpoints in sequence. Carrying, pulling by other racers or members of the public are prohibited.  Pacers or and support runners are also strictly prohibited except a prior consent granted by the event organizer.
  6. Racers who departed from the race course must return to the point of departure on foot before resuming.
  7. Racers are not allowed to place any items along the course prior to the race.  Race staff (including Race Marshals, volunteers and Emergency Crew) will dispose any items on the course without prior notice.
  8. Race bib must be entirely visible at all the times on the outside of clothing and on the front of body. Do not fold the race bib.
  9. Do not litter on the race course.
  10. Use of performance enhancing drugs or blood doping is forbidden. Golden 100 Organizing Committee (aka GOC) reserves the right to disqualify a racer/finisher based on competent evidence of such use.
  11. The event organizer has its own public liability insurance.  However, it does not include racers’ personal accidents. Racers and their supporters are recommended to have their own personal accidents covered. Any racer who voluntarily leaves the race course is no longer covered by the responsibility of the race organizer.
  12. There will be video/live footage and photographs taken during the race.  By registering the event, all racers have agreed that these rights belong to the race organizer.


  1. 100-mile racers may choose to switch to the 100 KM race at the Lead Mine Pass checkpoint after start on their discretions, but the 100 KM racers are not allowed to switch to the 100 Mile race after start.
  2. Race staff will provide instructions should a racer decided to switch race.
  3. Racers who make such decision will not be eligible to win any podium prizes. They will be recognized as the official finishers of 100 KM race with overall rankings if they could make the cutoffs of 100km race from Lead Mine Pass.
  4. 5 ITRA points will be awarded. 


  1. During the race, if an injured or distressed racer is found along the course, please assist and report to the Event Centre for assistance. An emergency telephone number can be found on your race bib. GOC will consider deducting race time from the finish time of the racer whoever provide assistances in such case.
  2. The race course is still opened to the general public during the race.  Please be considerate of other trail or road users, such as hikers and bikers, at all times.   
  3. Take great care when crossing or running on roads. Observe Highway Code or follow race marshal’s instructions whenever crossing roads. Certain sections of the race course will be on cycling tracks that racers have to run on the sidewalk beside them.
  4. On the race course, racers are expected to ensure safety when passing other racer. There could be some “NO-PASSING” sections set up along the race course where racers will be prohibited from passing other person. Race organizers will announce the sections in due course. 
  5. Please protect the nature. Leave no trace along the course. 
  6. Parts of the race course will pass through residential areas. Please do not disturb the neighbourhood while passing.
  7. Please treat race staff and local support with respect at all the times.


  1. Race cutoff times are based on departure time from the checkpoints. Checkpoints will be closed at cutoff time. Racers must leave checkpoints before cutoff time in order to continue the race.
  2. Racers will be disqualified if they arrive at the checkpoint after cutoff time without rational explanation.
  3. Racers are allowed to return to the checkpoint after crossing. They are allowed to continue the race if it is within the cutoff time. If a racer decides to return to the checkpoint, please notify the race staff and use the dedicated path to avoid crossing the checkpoint again. Race time will be recorded as the time a racer first cross the checkpoint. Racers must leave the checkpoint before the cutoff time, or will be disqualified from the race.
  4. Racers who cross the finish line after the race cutoff time will not be considered as official finishers.


It is the racers’ own responsibility to ensure they are properly equipped at all the times during the race.  There will be mandatory gear check along the course. Racers who fail to show proper gear at the gear checks will not be able to proceed until the missing item(s) has been replaced. For the sake of fairness to the other racers, time penalty or even disqualification could be resulted, depending on the severity of the breach.


Each racer must carry with the following items during the race:

  • A mobile phone be able to call and receive in Hong Kong during the entire race (including finish point)
  • Two headlamps/torches (with batteries), plus additional replacement batteries
  • A waterproof rain jacket with hood (made of waterproof and breathable material such as Gore-Tex or similar); seams must be seam-sealed;
  • At least 1 liter of water or sports drinks (water bladder or water bottles) at the start line and upon leaving each checkpoint with refreshment post.
  • Energy Bars/food portion (min. 300 kcal)
  • Cup & eating utensils (neither disposable cup nor eating utensils will be provided throughout the race)
  • A whistle
  • An emergency space blanket or equivalent (minimum size of 130cm x 200cm)
  • A personal rubbish bag (included in Racer’s pack)
  • Flashing reflector light – put it outside of your backpack during the race so that motor vehicles drivers will be able to see you at night (included in Racer’s pack)
  • Some cash (HK$100 or above)
  • Race number bib and timing device, such as IC Chip, provided by the organizer, if applicable.
  • A portable Global Positioning System (GPS) Device*, provided by the organizer.

*Note: If a racer failed to return the GPS device to the Organizer after the race, a deemed penalty will be collected. (for details, please refer to Rules and Regulations). Event Organizer also reserves the right to disqualify any participant who lost this GPS Device during the race.

Recommended Items

  • Anti-chafing cream / White Petroleum Jelly
  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses
  • Trekking poles
  • Cap or sunhat or buff
  • Spare socks, Warm clothing
  • Backup power device for mobile/smartphone
  • Octopus card (payments for vending machine or traffic fares)
  • Race Course Map
  • Adhesive elastic tape/band (minimum 80cm x 3cm)
  • First-aid Kit (band-aids, sterile dressing, roll of strapping tape, blister care, antiseptic wipes, painkillers, etc. and any relevant personal medications)

A portable Global Positioning System (GPS) Device*, provided by the organizer.


Racers can choose to leave support bags at the designated checkpoint(s) and baggage bags at the Finish. The Race organizers shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any items in the drop bags or whatsoever. Racers are advised not to leave any valuable items in the drop bags.

  1. Racers are required to use the drop bags provided by the event organizers as support bag and baggage bag;
  2. All drop bags must be dropped at the designated area with the race staff;
  3. Event organizer will deliver the support bags and baggage bags to the designated checkpoint and Finish respectively. All support bags will be transported to the Finish after the closure of the checkpoint.
  4. Racers can retrieve their own drop bags or by a representative upon presenting their race bibs. Any unclaimed drop bags will be disposed of or donated to relevant charity immediately after the race.
  5. Information of drop bags such as the location of the checkpoints with baggage areas, specifications, etc. will be released prior to the race.


  1. Food and drink will be provided at the checkpoints and refreshment posts. Only water will be provided at the support posts. Neither drinking water nor sports drink will be provided at the start.
  2. Racers should refill their own hydration systems in refreshment posts/support posts and will not be allowed to take away any containers. A full list of food and beverages to be provided at refreshment posts and support posts will be released prior to the race.
  3. Outside support from racers’ supporters is allowed within the designated support zone at the checkpoints determined by the event organizer. Details will be released in due course.
  4. There will not be any carpark available at the start, checkpoints and support points. Racers and their supporters are encouraged to rely entirely on public transportations.
  5. The food and beverages at the refreshment posts and water posts will be provided to the racers but not their supporters. Racers’ supporters can stay at the support zone and must follow the race staff’s instructions.
  6. Event organizers are not responsible for the safety of racers’ supporters.
  7. Racers can purchase food and supplies from shops along the course at their own cost.
  8. Outside support is prohibited except in the support zones


  1. If a racer decided to drop out of the race, he/she must notify race staff and follow their instructions. Once dropped out, racers will not be allowed to return to the race. Race bib, however, would be needed to retrieve drop bags.
  2. Except for injury or sickness, racer should drop out only at checkpoints. Race will be able to rest at checkpoint with refreshment post and arrange own transportation. Most checkpoints are accessible by public transportation within a short distance on foot.
  3. If a racer need to drop out due to an injury or sickness and require assistance, please notify the nearby race staff or call Event Centre. It would be best to make drop out decision at Checkpoints with Refreshment Posts.


Below is a list of events that may result in a time penalty (120 min) if observed during the race. If the same event is observed again, the racer will be disqualified. GOC will disqualify any racers involving race misconduct (such as doping and use of prohibited drugs, taking short cuts, removing course marks, etc) without warning and may prohibit such racers to sign up for any future GOC events.

  1. Taking shortcuts off the trails
  2. Misplacing race bib or race without race bib
  3. Race without time chip
  4. Missing mandatory equipment.
  5. Vandalization to the nature (also applicable to Support Crew).
  6. Littering (also applicable to Racers’ Supporters)
  7. Using outside force to proceed (i.e. carrying, pulling or pushing by other racers or member of the public)
  8. Running with pacer
  9. Receiving outside support at any place other than the support zones
  10. Not abiding by the instructions given by race staff (also applicable to racers’ supporters).
  11. Passing any racer and hiker along “NO-PASSING” section
  12. Doping and the use of prohibited drugs
  13. Cheating (ie. using other means of transportation, substitute runner, etc.)
  14. Remove and/or alter the race course markings deliberately (applicable to racers’ supporters)
  15. Unlawful actions (also applicable to racers’ supporters)


Event organizer will prepare and arrange for rescue and medical assistance during the race. However, each racer must understand that there are risks in trail running that could cause injuries and/or accidents. Racers must take their own responsibility and participate at their own risk. In case of emergency, please notify the Event Centre (telephone number can be found on race bib) or dial public emergency number “999” for assistance if you are unable to reach a checkpoint.

  1. Depending on the situation, event organizer will deploy race crew for emergency situations. Racer please stay in a safe area along the course while waiting for assistance. 
  2. Depending on the location, emergency rescue may take a longer time to reach the injured racer.
  3. Emergency crews have the authority to stop an injured racer from continuing the race.
  4. If racer receives outside emergency assistance, please contact the Event Centre.
  5. Costs incurred by outside emergency assistance will be at the racer’s own cost.


If the race cannot be started on scheduled dates in the event of natural disasters, typhoons, extreme weather, epidemic outbreaks, turmoil, etc., the event will not be postponed, and all race entries will also not be deferred to the next edition.  Participants will then eligible for a refund of 70% of entry fees paid.

In the event of natural disasters such as typhoon, hill fires, accident, epidemics after the race started, GOC reserves the right to alter the racecourse or even to cancel the race. There will be no refunds in such cases. 

Cancellation will be announced on the official website, and on Facebook page.


If a racer would like to lodge any dispute or complaints, please notify the event center or nearby checkpoints within one hour upon racer’s arrival at the finish. A written record has to be submitted to the organizer, along with any available photos or video clips. Decisions made by GOC will be final and conclusive without appeal.

Golden 100 Organizing Committee reserves the right to change rules and regulations, race course and/ or other arrangements are deemed to be appropriate.