16KM 比賽規則 RULES

  1. 參賽者必須自力走畢全程。
    Runners must complete the entire course with their own effort.
  2. 參賽者只可於補給站接受支援隊伍補給。
    Runners are allowed to receive support at checkpoints.
  3. 除賽前獲大會認可,嚴禁陪跑。一旦被發現借助他人力量前行,如揹、拖動或推行,主辦單位有權取清該參賽者資格。
    Unless permitted by the organizer, pacers/support runners are strictly prohibited. If a runner is found to be physically carried, towed or pushed by another person(s), the organiser retains the right to disqualify that runner.
  4. 比賽期間參加者須掛上號碼布於身體的前方及衣服的最外層,不要遮擋號碼布,不可把號碼布摺細。
    Race bib must be placed at the front of the body and must be made fully visible during the race. Do not fold the race bib.
  5. 切勿亂拋垃圾,保持山野清潔。
    Do not litter on the race course. Keep the trails clean.
  6. 參賽者須依大會的正式路線作賽,嚴禁走捷徑。
    Runners must stay on the official designated race course during the race. Shortcuts are strictly prohibited.
  7. 一旦成功報名,參賽者即同意讓大會使用賽事期間之任何形式的記錄 (包括相片、錄像) 作為推廣用途。
    Upon registration of the race(s), all runners have provided consent to the organizer to use videos and photographs taken during the race for commercial purposes.
  8. 參賽者若決定退賽,請立刻通知大會工作人員及遵從指示,並保留號碼布取回寄存行李。
    Should a runner decide to retire from the race, he/she must notify race staff as soon as possible and follow their instructions. Please keep the race bib to pick up dropped luggage.
  9. 如有任何爭議或投訴,必須在參加者完成比賽後15分鐘內通知大會,並提供相關証據。大會的決定為最終裁決,不設上訴。
    Any dispute or complaints must be raised to the organizer within 15 mins after the runner completes the race. Runners may also provide relevant evidence to support their allegations. Decisions made by the organizer shall be deemed final and no further appeal will be entertained.
  10. 大會已購置公眾責任保險,但並不包括參加者及其支援人員的個人意外保險。建議參賽者及其支援人員自行按需要購買個人意外保險。參加者若擅自離開賽道,大會不會負上任何責任。
    The organizer has arranged its own public liability insurance. However, this does not cover personal accidental insurance of runners and supporters. We strongly recommend runners and supporters to arrange their own accidental insurance coverage. The organizer will not hold responsibility for runners who leave the race course.
  11. 大會可隨時更改比賽規則、賽道或比賽安排。參加者可留意大會網站的更新公告。
    The organizer reserves the right to change rules and regulations, race course and/or other arrangements deemed appropriate. Runners can refer to the race website for updates.


Runners, if found to have performed the prohibited actions listed below, could be warned or time-penalized. Serious offenses may lead to disqualification from race.

  • 抄捷徑 Taking shortcuts
  • 不正確放置或不展示號碼布 Misplacing or failing to show race bib
  • 破壞公物 Vandalizing
  • 亂拋垃圾 Littering
  • 非自力進行比賽,借助其他參加者或他人之力以揹,拖動或推行 Using outside force to proceed (i.e. carrying, towing or pushing by other runners or other people)
  • 有陪行人士 Running with pacer
  • 不遵從大會工作人員指示 Not complying with instructions from race staff
  • 服食禁藥 Doping
  • 作弊 (包括: 使用交通工具,他人代跑等等) Cheating (ie. using transportation, substitute runners, etc.)
  • 故意破壞或更改賽道路標 Deliberately remove and/or alter the race course markings
  • 違法行為 Unlawful actions


  • 若賽事因遇上自然災害、颱風、極端惡劣天氣、山火、突發事故、大型意外、大型流行病爆發、動亂等等不可抗力的原因而未能如期舉行,大會有權保留取消或更改賽事之權利,亦將不會退回報名費用。
    The organizer reserves the right to cancel the race or alter the race course if the race cannot be held on the scheduled date(s) due to natural disasters, typhoons, extreme weather, epidemic outbreaks, turmoil, etc. No refund will be made available to registered runners.
  • 在比賽期間,當遇上自然災害、颱風、極端惡劣天氣、山火、突發事故、大型意外、大型流行病爆發、動亂等等,大會有權於賽前更改賽道、暫停比賽或取消賽事,並不會退回報名費用。
    After the race has started, the organizer reserves the right to terminate the race or alter race course in the event of natural disasters such as typhoon, hill fires, accident, epidemics, etc. There will be no refunds in such cases.