It is the racers’ own responsibility to ensure they are properly equipped at all times during the race.  There will be mandatory gear check along the course. Racers who fail to show proper gear at the gear checks will not be able to proceed until the missing item(s) has been replaced. For the sake of fairness to others racers, time penalty or even disqualification could be resulted, depending on the severity of the breach.


Each racer must carry with them at all times during the race:

  • A mobile phone able to call and receive in Hong Kong during the entire race (including finish point)
  • Two headlamps/torches (with batteries), plus additional replacement batteries
  • A waterproof rain jacket with hood (made of waterproof and breathable material such as Gore-Tex or similar); seams must be seam-sealed; (see below pictures for reference)
  • At least 1 liter of water or sports drinks (water bladder or water bottles) at the start line and upon leaving each checkpoint with refreshment post.
  • Energy Bars/food portion (min. 300 kcal)
  • Cup & eating utensils (neither disposable cup nor eating utensils will be provided throughout the race)
  • A whistle
  • An emergency space blanket or equivalent (minimum size of 130cm x 200cm)
  • A personal rubbish bag (included in Racer’s pack)
  • Flashing reflector light – put it outside of your backpack during the race so that motor vehicles drivers will be able to see you at night (included in Racer’s pack)
  • Some cash (HK$100 or above)
  • Race number bib and timing device, such as IC Chip, provided by the organizer, if applicable.

Recommended Items

  • Anti-chafing cream / White Petroleum Jelly
  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses
  • Trekking poles
  • Cap or sunhat or buff
  • Spare socks, Warm clothing
  • Backup power device for mobile/smartphone
  • Octopus card (payments for vending machine or traffic fares)
  • Race Course Map
  • Adhesive elastic tape/band (minimum 80cm x 3cm)
  • First-aid Kit (band-aids, sterile dressing, roll of strapping tape, blister care, antiseptic wipes, painkillers, etc. and any relevant personal medications)