2019 Drop Bags


Racers can choose to leave support bags at the designated checkpoint(s) and baggage bags at the Finish. The Race organizers shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any items in the drop bags or whatsoever. Racers are advised not to leave any valuable items in the drop bags.

  1. Racers are required to use the drop bag provided by the event organizers as support bag and baggage bag;
  2. All drop bags must be dropped at the designated area with the race staff;
  3. Organizers will deliver the drop bags to the designated checkpoints. All support Bags will be transported to the Finish after operating hours of each checkpoint.
  4. Racers can retrieve their own drop bags or by a representative upon presenting their race bibs. Any unclaimed drop bags will be disposed of or donated to relevant charity immediately after the race.
  5. Information of drop bags such as the location of the checkpoints with baggage areas, specifications, etc. will be released prior to the race.

Shatin Pass

Hok Tau
(100 miles)

Tai Tong

CP4 Shatin Pass 55cm x 44cm
CP11 Hok Tau (100 miles) 49cm x 40cm
Finish Baggage Bag 55cm x 44cm

Extra Luggage

Participants who need to leave extra luggage (in addition to the drop bags) will be charged HK$200 for each item (Please tender exact fee). You will need to purchase a luggage tag with cash in HKD at the Information counter at the Start.

All extra luggage will be transported directly to the Finish.