Green Policies

Golden 100 Hong Kong is an eco-friendly event, the following policies will be strictly enforced:

  • Racers should comply with Leave No Trace principals, and to protect the natural environment.
  • No plastic bottles, paper cups and disposable utensils will be provided by the organizer along the course and at the Finish zone.
  • Racers will need to bring their own cup and utensils.
  • Plastic bottles, carton papers, food waste and fruit residuals will be collected for recycling purposes.
  • A personal rubbish bag will be provided in the race pack. Please take your own litters away from the trails.
  • Ribbons and signs used by Golden 100 Hong Kong will be collected after event for reuse.
  • Racers can choose not to receive the souvenir tee. We welcome racers to return any items that they do not need.