1. How can I know my registration is eligible for full refund if the race would not be started on schedule?

There should be a first-come-first-served “Registration Serial Number” of each race on the prompt confirmation email generated by the online platform. If your Registration Serial Number falls in the range of 1 to 300 and 1 to 200 of 100 KM and 100 Mile race respectively, then you are eligible for a full refund as stated on Rules and Regulation.

2. Can I still switch race on race days?

Participants of 100 KM race will not be allowed to switch race on race day, but the participants of 100 Mile race can switch to 100Km race at CP7 Lead Mine Pass before 2:30pm December 26, 2020(if there is a prompt start of 100 Mile race) at their own discretions, however, those participants will not be qualified to compete any podium prize. If they can still make the cutoffs of 100 KM race after CP7 Lead Mine Pass and finish it before 32 hours cutoff, i.e. 4am on December 27, 2020. They will then be awarded 5 ITRA qualified points and overall results rankings together with 100Km finisher’s medal, certificate and shirt, etc., if applicable.

3. Can I get the mandatory GPS device upon the race pack collection?

The device will be distributed in the start on race day, details will be announced on due course.

4. Is there any way of returning the mandatory GPS Device to the organizer other than arrival to the Finish if I dropped out along the race course.

Yes, there will be more options, a comprehensive procedure will be announced towards the race date.