Lui Lai Hung Educational Foundation Limited

The Lui Lai Hung Educational Foundation is a charity founded by Principal Lui Lai-hung Lillian, who believes in life-changing life.

The foundation is committed to promote early childhood education, to support the livelihood of children from grass-roots background, safeguard their rights to enjoy as many opportunities as children from well-off background. The Foundation anticipates benefitting more and more children from broader opportunities for personal growth and development.

The Lui Lai Hung Educational Foundation is incorporated in Hong Kong on November 30, 2016. With effective from January 15, 2018, the Foundation is one of the tax-exempt charities under Section 88 of Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Bio: Principal Lui Lai-hung Lillian

Principal Lui, nicknamed ‘Wonder Woman’, an early childhood educator. In 2009, right after her early retirement, she accepted a measly paid job of principal and teacher in the shabby Yuen Long Yuen Kong Kindergarten where were five pupils enrolled. Principal Lui saved and successfully keeps the kindergarten going and flourished.

The inspiring story of Principal Lui and the kindergarten is the subject of The Little Big Master starring singer-actor Miriam Yeung Chi-wah, who portrayed her in the film, it was released in 2015.

Principal Lui founded Lui Lai Hung Educational Foundation, and she was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by The Education University of Hong Kong, formerly The Hong Kong Institution of Education, in 2016.