Awards & Souvenirs

Finisher Jacket

All finishers will receive Kinetik’s Golden100 Hong Kong finisher jacket.
Runners who meet the criteria below are eligible for special label printing at the finish.

Gold Runners
Sub-30 hrs (100 mile), Sub-18 hrs (100 km)
Silver Runners
Sub-33 hrs (100 mile), Sub-22 hrs (100 km)
Bronze Runners
Sub-36 hrs (100 mile), Sub-24 hrs (100km)

Size Chart

Special Appreciation Award

You will be awarded with a .9999 gold special award if you finish within the below time limits:

100 Mile
Male Sub-23 hrs (≤ 22:59:59)
Female Sub-27 hrs (≤ 26:59:59)
Award: approx. 32g of .9999 gold

Male Sub-11 hrs (≤ 10:59:59)
Female Sub-13 hrs (≤ 12:59:59)
Award: approx. 25g of .9999 gold

Finisher Cowbell

All finisher will receive a finisher cowbell

Champion Trophy

Male and female overall champion will receive a Golden Trophy.
Top 10 male and female runners will receive a Grand Trophy.

Age Group Winners

Top 3 runners from each age group will receive a trophy.

Male 18-29
Male 30-39
Male 40-49
Male 50-59
Male 60+

Female 18-29
Female 30-39
Female 40-49
Female 50-59
Female 60+