Awards & Souvenirs

Finisher Jacket

by Kinetik Sports

Finishers who meet the below criteria are eligible for the Finisher Badge printing on their jackets at the finish:

Gold Runners
Sub-30 hrs (100 miles) / Sub-18 hrs (100 km)

Silver Runners
Sub-33 hrs (100 miles) / Sub-22 hrs (100 km)

Bronze Runners
Sub-36 hrs (100 mile) / Sub-24 hrs (100km)

實至名歸 Award

The 「實至名歸」(Special Recognition) Award recognizes outstanding achievement in finishing time among all finishers. Finishers who meet the below time limits will be awarded accordingly:

100 Mile
Male Category: Sub-23 hrs (≤ 22:59:59)
Female Category: Sub-27 hrs (≤ 26:59:59)
Gold Plate: approx. 32g of .9999 gold

Male Category: Sub-11 hrs (≤ 10:59:59)
Female Category: Sub-13 hrs (≤ 12:59:59)
Gold Plate: approx. 25g of .9999 gold

Past Winner

2019 Wong Ho Chung (HKG) Male 100 mile