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Finisher Jacket

by Kinetik Sports

實至名歸 Award

The 「實至名歸」(Special Recognition) Award recognizes outstanding achievement in finishing time among all finishers. Finishers who meet the below time limits will be awarded accordingly:

100 Mile
Male Category: Sub-23 hrs (≤ 22:59:59)
Female Category: Sub-27 hrs (≤ 26:59:59)
Gold Plate: approx. 32g of .9999 gold

Male Category: Sub-11 hrs (≤ 10:59:59)
Female Category: Sub-13 hrs (≤ 12:59:59)
Gold Plate: approx. 25g of .9999 gold

Past Winner

2019 Wong Ho Chung (HKG) Male 100 mile